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The whole truth about hypnosis


The whole truth about hypnosis

Hypnosis from the Greek language simply means sleep. However, one is mistaken who thinks that it has anything to do with sleep. Electroencephalographic studies of the brain clearly show that brain waves have a different frequency when we are asleep and a different frequency when we are in a trance.

Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness, during which our attention is completely focused on the hypnotist’s person. This is due to the fact that during trance there is increased activity in the orbital and frontal regions on the left side of the brain, an area that is closely associated with focusing attention. During hypnosis, we also lose the ability to think critically. In other words, we stop using the knowledge we have. Because of this, we are susceptible to the suggestions that the hypnotist makes to us. Hypnosis is also accompanied by a feeling of relaxation and relaxation.

Introduction to trance

The hypnotic state can be induced in two ways. First, through verbal suggestion. Then the timbre of the hypnotist’s voice is important. And secondly, through non-verbal suggestion, such as hand movement. So in this case, the gesture that the hypnotist makes towards us is important. However, regardless of how we are put into hypnosis, the key is our susceptibility to suggestion. Mentally strong people are most easily introduced into hypnosis: open to new experiences, self-confident, free of anxiety. However, this does not mean that in other cases hypnosis is impossible. Anyone can successfully enter a trance, but its depth can vary.

Depth of hypnosis

There are basically three levels of hypnosis depth. They depend on how difficult suggestions the hypnotized person realizes. Thus:

LOW hypnosis – is characterized by drowsiness and relaxation, the hypnotized person knows what is going on around him, but is susceptible to suggestions.

MEDIUM Hypnosis – there is a state of relaxation, as in light hypnosis; however, the hypnotized person is weary, unable to move or speak without suggestion.

DEEP hypnosis – the senses are completely turned off, the hypnotized person under suggestion can walk or talk, but can only see and hear what the hypnotist suggests.

Is hypnosis safe?

Many people are afraid of hypnosis. This is due to many myths about it. In reality, there is no reason to be afraid. Many times during the day we are like hypnotized and do not realize it. When we drive a car, ride the subway or read a book, many times we are “absent-minded.” At that time, our brain emits waves as if under light hypnosis. Of course, we need to realize the power of the suggestion emitted by the hypnotist. Suffice it to say that hypnosis can be successfully used, as anesthesia for surgical procedures. Hence, fears of committing suicide or breaking the law during a trance as a result of a rogue hypnotist’s suggestion seem justified. However, the truth is that a hypnotized person still has free will. He will not do anything against himself. It is also a fact that properly chosen words in a suggestion can push a hypnotized person to tragedy. Therefore, it is important to undergo hypnosis only through experienced, professional hypnotists.

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  1. Interesting article. I have been interested in hypnosis for as long as I can remember. I look forward to reading more articles.

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