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The game of the five elements


The game of the five elements

The theory of the Chinese five elements is the foundation of feng shui. It is based on Taoist philosophy. Taoists claim that two elements, feminine and masculine, yin and yang, are simultaneously present in the universe. And although they are opposites, they are also necessary for each other. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, everything that exists is composed of a mixture of the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The various elements are in constant relationship with each other. They interact with each other and create favorable or unfavorable forces. The desired state is a balance between them. If one of them is missing or one of them dominates, it is disrupted. Feng shui seeks to maintain harmony between them. And to produce beneficial Chi energy.

The constant interdependence between the elements is described by the Chinese as three types of interaction – the productive cycle, the debilitating cycle and the destructive cycle. In the productive cycle, water forms a tree. It is life-giving. It enables it to grow. The tree creates fire. It is the fuel for it. Earth creates minerals from metal and brings them to its surface. Metal creates water. It provides it with precious substances. In turn, in a weakening cycle, the tree absorbs water. The water corrodes the metal. Metal weakens the earth. After all, it is formed from it. Earth weakens fire. Under its influence, the flame goes out. Fire consumes the tree. Finally, in a destructive cycle, water destroys fire. It tames it. The tree destroys the earth. It exhausts its energy. Fire destroys metal. It melts it. Earth destroys water. It absorbs it. Metal destroys the tree. It cuts it down.

The five elements in feng shui

The different times of day and night are associated with certain elements. The rising sun fills the east side of the house with the Chi energy of the tree. The midday sun illuminates the south side of the house with the Chi energy of fire. In the afternoon, the Chi energy of the earth reaches the central and southwestern parts of the house. In the evening, the western part of the house receives the Chi energy of metal. Meanwhile, at night, the Chi energy of water enters the northern part of the house. The elements radiate their Chi energy inside the house as well. Tree is present in wooden and wicker furniture and plants. Fire is present in the kitchen, in the fireplace, and in the lighting. Earth is present in objects made of porcelain or plaster. Metal – in objects made of stainless steel. Water, on the other hand, is present in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in glass objects.

Characteristics of the five elements in feng shui:


direction – east, southeast

colors – shades of green

shapes – rectangular, oblong, vertical, straight

materials – wood, bamboo, cork, straw, wicker, paper

furniture – wooden, wicker

meaning – life, activity, vitality, creation


direction – south

colors – shades of red

shapes – triangular, pointed, angular

materials – plastic, artificial leather

furniture – made of artificial materials, triangular shape

meaning – enthusiasm, passion, expressiveness


direction – center, southwest, northeast

colors – shades of yellow, brown, green

shapes – horizontal, wide, square, low

materials – brick, clay, plaster, terra cotta, ceramics, porcelain, natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk)

furniture – cabinets, chests, low benches

meaning – safety, stability, security


direction – west, northwest

colors – white, gray, silver, gold

shapes – round, oval, convex, arched

materials – iron, copper, brass, silver, gold, bronze, granite, marble

furniture – metal tables, bookcases and cabinets

meaning – prosperity, solidity


direction – north

colors – blue, black

shapes – streamlined, wavy, curved, irregular

materials – glass

furniture – glass tables, display cases

meaning – peace, communication

Knowing the characteristics of the different elements and the interdependence between them, we can easily identify the influences that affect our home. By bringing into a certain room an object that belongs to a particular element, we have the opportunity to strengthen a particular energy in it or weaken it. But always remember that the essence of feng shui is to strive for harmony between the different elements.

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