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Symbolism of roses

Mystics claimed to smell roses during encounters with angels, apparitions, prayers and meditations. Many ancient cultures used them in wedding ceremonies, as the rose was present at the birth of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. For many people, red is an expression of passion and no date can do without it.

Symbolism of roses

Muslims believe that roses are a symbol of the human soul, and their fragrance is sacred. In esoteric tradition, a woman is a double rose – the first signifies her heart and the second her sexuality. This is the role of the rose in a famous poem from the 13th century – it is a symbol of innocence, virginity, but in the secret language of lovers, it means physical love, lost blood, or loss of garland.

For Catholics

Roses are a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Like her pristine and beautiful, stolen from paradise by Adam and Eve,and saved from sin by the virgin mother. Roses appear in famous Marian apparitions, in the 15th century Aztec Juan Diego, a visionary, claimed that Our Lady wove his poncho from roses.

On the island of Lesbos

Once it was impossible to talk openly about love, flowers were a lover’s cipher. A rose could mean jealousy, longing, devotion, sensuality, lust, victory – depending on the shape, color or number of petals. The Greek poet Safona from the island of Lesbos, whose most beautiful love poems are addressed to women, called it “the queen of flowers.”

The magic of the rose

Meditation with a rose

Living a hectic life, an excess of responsibilities and worries is not conducive to health, especially mental health. Invoke the image of a rose (in your favorite color) when you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or insomnia. Three minutes is enough. In the morning or evening, in a comfortable sitting position, breathe to calm your thoughts, for one minute. Imagine you are sitting on a bench in a rose garden. You smell their fragrance, and their flowers shield you from the sun and the evils of this world. Breathe in this image for 2 minutes. At the end of the meditation, express gratitude with a simple: thank you.

Flower affirmations

When you feel difficulties, say affirmations in your mind or out loud. Why not make up your own? My life blooms like a rose from Eden, where everything is possible and happiness is at hand. Rose, teach me patience and let me get the best out of life. Beautiful royal flower, let me appreciate the diversity of life, and turn its difficulties into successes.

Invoke the Guardian Angel

If a situation overwhelms you or you feel threatened, connect with your Guardian Angel. For this you will need rose oil, preferably Bulgarian, it is small and expensive, but this investment will pay off for you. Before praying, spray the oil in the air with an atomizer (pour about 60 ml of water into it and put 2-3 drops of rose oil).

The power of rose colors in relationships

WHITE stands for purity and holiness, selflessness, innocence, good intentions and trust. WHITE refers to platonic love.

RED represents passion and devotion and passionate dedication to a cause. In love, it is lust. If you receive a large bouquet of red roses from someone, know that they have the hots for you!

YELLOW means joy, but also jealousy. Be careful, because your partner, offering them to you for your name day, says that he is afraid of losing you. Received from a work colleague or neighbor mean that he does not want to change the nature of your relationship to a romantic one.

PINK is an oasis of gratitude and peace. If you have a quarrel, this is a good gift for reconciliation. Pink relieves all tensions and difficult emotions, leads partners to agreement and supports the relationship.

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