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Protective symbols and stones for your home

Protective symbols and stones for your home

Negative thoughts and mischief, energy vampires and electromagnetic smog – unfortunately, the walls of your home will not protect you from these things. Use the energy of the earth (minerals), symbols and your mind to defend against these threats. Here are symbols and protective stones that will help you.

Symbols and protective stones for your home

The energy of earth (minerals), symbols and your mind can protect your apartment, home and even you as effectively as a reinforced door, good locks or an insurance policy – you just need to know how to use them.

Protective crystals

Stones are the foundations of your home. Choose the ones whose energy you need the most and deploy them in the corners of exterior walls (if you’re protecting an apartment) or in the corners of the lot (if you’re protecting a house). You can find a selection of protective stones in Astromagia’s store

Aventurine – when you want to let happiness, peace, optimism and good mood into your home.

Jade – provides energy protection, protects against the evil eye.

Bronzite – neutralizes electromagnetic smog, makes the house an energetic refuge, protects against charms, strongly repels negative energies.

Jade – brings prosperity, deflects spells and enchantments cast on the house and its inhabitants.

Mountain crystal – cleanses and organizes the energy in the premises, neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, removes the impact of negative messages and thoughts, including curses and malice, increases the impact of other minerals in the house.

Obsidian – all its varieties protect against negative energy from the outside, does not allow energy vampires into the house.

Black tourmaline – has a very strong protective effect against all energy attacks sent from outside, against energy vampires, reduces the impact of electromagnetic waves.

Protect yourself with the power of the mind!

● Cross your arms and legs when you feel threatened by energy attacks and bad intentions of others – this will close your aura and no one can harm you.

● Visualize a cocoon of white light around you, which will also illuminate your aura, and you will gain unbreakable protection!

● With your thoughts, weave the door to your home with light, then touch the threshold and the doorframe with your hand, covering them with protective light so that they won’t let in anyone with bad intentions.

● You can also place a figurine of a lion, dragon or dog in the hallway, and they will guard the entrance.

● If you have the opportunity, hang a mirror (or bagua mirror) opposite the front door – someone with bad intentions won’t know themselves why they are unable to enter!

Protective symbols for the house

The Algiz, Fehu and Odala runes are guardians – draw them on the front door, and the Berkanna rune is drawn or cut in birch wood and hung over the door, and will protect the entire house.

The Ankh cross is an Egyptian symbol of life and fertility, but placed in the house it neutralizes bad energies and ensures health. Worn as a pendant, it guards against injuries, accidents and disease.

The Eye of Horus is also an Egyptian protective symbol. Hung in the house, preferably near the front door, it will make a thief forgive a break-in. Worn around your neck, it will protect you from energy attacks, physical and verbal.

The Eye of Providence attracts the care of angels to your home.

The Star of David emanates strong energy protecting the house from disasters: hurricanes, fires, floods, and its householders from envy from others.

Red thread – derives from Kabbalah, where it is often used for protection. Hang it on your wrist and it will protect you from all evil and charms. Attach it to your suitcase when you leave again – it will protect it from being lost or stolen.

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