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Mirror will tell you the truth

Mirror will tell you the truth

A mirror is a functional addition to an interior and an excellent decoration. In homes you will usually find two mirrors – one in the bathroom and the other in the hallway. Meanwhile, it is worth going beyond the patterns. The question of why a mirror in the living room or kitchen is an excellent idea is answered by the ancient Chinese art of interior design, called feng shui. Its masters claim that a mirror is to the home what aspirin is to people.

Mirrors serve a variety of functions in the home. They bring in light. They optically enlarge small and cramped rooms. They harmonize the space. With their help it is easy to level out unfavorable shapes of rooms. It is enough to hang a mirror on a slanted wall, and any defects in the perception of space caused by it will be masked. But moderation should be exercised in the use of mirrors. One should also keep in mind two feng shui rules. Namely, mirrors must not hang opposite each other (an illusory depth is created) and must not be opposite the front door of the house or room (reflects good energy). Mirrors reflect what is in front of them. Feng shui teaches that multiplying images multiplies their number. That’s why the masters of this ancient Chinese art of interior design recommend avoiding hanging mirrors in front of sharp surfaces (stairs, corners, pillars), the toilet door or the kitchen stove. These items should not be “multiplied” in the house. Instead, it is worth ensuring that the mirror reflects a view that gives pleasure and optimism (for example, lit candles, flowers in a vase, or the view out the window, as long as it takes your breath away). In order for mirrors to perform their function properly, they must be clean, well-maintained, without cracks or nicks. Damaged ones must be removed from the house immediately.

On which wall is it worth hanging a mirror at home?

According to the Compass Animal method used in feng shui, every space has a front, a back, a right and a left side (as viewed from home, regardless of geographic directions). And each side is in the power of a different animal. And so:

FRONT – Red Phoenix

REAR – Black Tortoise

RIGHT SIDE – White Tiger

LEFT SIDE – Green Dragon

Hanging the mirror on the back wall introduces instability into the house. On the other hand, hanging it on the right wall increases nervousness. On the other hand, it is believed that the best walls for hanging mirrors are the front wall and the left wall. Mirrors placed on them bring luck, prosperity, protection, joy and wisdom into the house.

Mirrors in the rooms of the house

– is the right place to hang a mirror. However, it is important to remember not to hang it opposite the front door of the house. The mirror reflects the energies that want to enter the house. In the case of negative energies, this is excellent news. On the other hand, it is important to remember that positioned in this way it also reflects positive energies.

SALON – is a favorable place to place a mirror. The mirror enhances the feeling of space and freshness.

BEDROOM – is a good choice for hanging a mirror, provided that certain conditions are met. The mirror must not be hung opposite the bed or right next to it. Feng shui teaches that such placement of the mirror in the bedroom “multiplies” the number of people in the bed. In the case of married couples, it encourages infidelity. On the other hand, in delicate and sensitive people, it leads to insomnia, irritability, high blood pressure or headaches.

KITCHEN – is the right place for a mirror, especially when the stove is located in such a way that the person who prepares the meal does not see the entrance door to the room. Then it is worth hanging a mirror above the stove.

Dining room – is an excellent idea for the location of a mirror. The mirror should be hung above the table. Then it reflects the food and enhances the richness.

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