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Described website:
The website looks quite professional. We’ll find an offer of nearly 20 spell as well as Tarot Reading. I will mention the names of a few spells available on the website:
-Call me spell for communication
-Deluxe Bring back an ex spell casting
-Custom white magic spell casting
Spells are described. There is also FAQ. And here there is a very big minus.
To the question: – “Do you provide photo or video proof of your spell castings?”
We get this answer:
“No, with very good reasons! The main reason is that electronic equipment can interfere with the energy fields I create during my spell castings. It is absolutely crucial that I do not have interference at my alter or in my professional casting space. The other reason is that because my casting methods and materials are so unique (I promise you no one else is doing them!), They are like secret recipes. In the beginning, I did provide photos of my castings but unfortunately, I had my methods and materials compromised and my spells were essentially copied, which obviously was not a good thing for my business.”
I completely disagree with that !!!
Once again, I remind you:

When Spell Caster claims that he finished his magical work, he should send a proof for example altar photo from spell casting
Photos can be taken after the end of the love spell session. An excuse such as the one in the FAQ above is an excuse not to send a photos from love spell.
Another minor downside is that the website has been around for a relatively short time – since 2019.
If someone ordered love spell from, please give review. In the comment, please describe your love situation before ordering spell, the name of spellĀ  ordered, as well as information about the results.

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