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Website has been in existence for several years. On Homepage  is a 40-minute video  in which we can see what the ritual looks like. There is an offer  love spells, financial spells, aura treatment, rituals of intent, removing curses. In Love Spells tab, we can find, for example: Egyptian love spell, classic love spell, the strongest love rite, love binding spell. The prices vary. Each of offered spells is described, and, what is interesting – there are photos with the watermark next to descriptions. What is very important, it contains the information – “After completion of the rituals, I send photos. Thanks to this, you will recognize that ritual was performed for you.” runs  Instagram, where we can find a lot of videos. On this website, we can read articles about love magic.

Honestly, this looks very interesting. A very big plus is information about sending photos after the end of spells. Another advantages are Instagram and video on home page. I am very curious to see how effective these spells are.

If someone used services, please give review. Only reviews that contain a description of your love situation before ordering spell, the name of spell ordered, and information about the results will be accepted.


  1. Nine weeks ago, I ordered a separation spell to cut off two people – the man I love and want him back, and the woman with whom he betrayed me. The spell is working. They stopped seeing each other, I know there was a serious quarrel between them. Now I really care about getting this man back and I’m thinking of ordering another spell, considering Egyptian or love binding.

  2. I can recommend separation spell.
    I was (actually still am) in a difficult love situation. My husband left me for another woman. I ordered separation spell to end their relationship. And results did come. They split up, they don’t even meet anymore. Despite this, my husband did not come back to me. Now I’m wondering which spell to order to bring us back together.

  3. For my part, I can recommend

    According to the regulations, I will describe my love situation in more detail.
    The boy I was in a three-year relationship broke up with me, saying he needed freedom. At first I thought that everything would be fine and he would come back to me soon. Unfortunately, he didn’t come back. After 3 months, I became interested in the subject of love magic and spells. I decided to use the offer I ordered a love binding spell. For the first 3 weeks after the spells ended, nothing happened. After this time, the boy contacted me. We kept in touch for the next two weeks and then started dating again. These meetings began to become more frequent. In the end, he proposed me to come back, of course I agreed. It took 11 weeks from the end of the love spell to the return. Now we have been together again for 2 months

  4. I have a positive review for The Egyptian spell helped in my situation. I ordered it because I wanted to get back the fiancée who had left me for another man. I wasn’t counting on too much. Meanwhile, a 5 weeks after Egyptian spells, she broke up with that guy and started seeing me again. After a few meetings, we decided to try again. I am very happywith the results. Greetings.

  5. Love binding spell produced the results I expected.
    I used a love binding because I wanted to get back the man I was engaged to. Our relationship lasted 3.5 years. He left me through a misunderstanding. He found out I dated an ex-guy and thought I was cheating with him. The truth was, I only met my ex for coffee twice, we chatted a bit and nothing else. He won’t let me explain it because he’s stubborn, a bit paranoid. Shortly after the end of binding love spell, we gradually reconnected. After 7 weeks, he decided to come back to me. Our relationship is going very well at the moment.

  6. I ordered a love binding spell and I’m happy with the results. Let me start at the beginning and introduce my relationship with the man. We were together for a year, we understood each other very well, we had something to talk about. Then his ex-woman stood in the way and began to spoil our relationship. I was very jealous, which probably didn’t make things any better either. We started arguing a lot and finally he broke up with me. After a month of our separation, I ordered a love binding spell. The return came quite unexpectedly after about 9 weeks of waiting for the results. During this waiting period, not much happened, we only had occasional contacts. In week 9 we met 3 times and at the last meeting we made a decision to come back together.

  7. I will describe effects of the ordered aura cleansing. I decided to try this spell because for the last year I felt bad, my life was not good, I was often depressed and apathetic. I absolutely wanted to change this state and gain more strength. After cleansing aura, my life started to improve. It’s been a little over 3 months since I ordered it and I can say without a doubt that it is better. In the morning I get up more brisk, I feel like working, I think I’m also more chatty. I can recommend this spell, if anyone is in a similar situation where I was.

  8. My relationship with the man for whom I ordered a love binding spell was full of ups and downs. We argued a lot and had quiet days. After one of the next quarrels, I thought we would make up again. But this time, nothing like that happened. He just informed me that he didn’t want to be with me anymore. Less than a month later, I decided to use a love binding spell. This spell worked. We started talking to each other again and finally got back together. We’ve been together again for 6 months. Our relationship is more stable than before. We don’t argue too often, we get along better. Best regards to everyone and good luck in love

  9. I decided to comment because the Egyptian love spell from Samael worked. I used this ritual hoping the magic of love would bring back the man I had been with for over 3 years. We had plans together, I thought he would propose to me soon. It happened otherwise, he left me saying that he had to be alone and he felt bad in the relationship, it was a very big blow for me. I didn’t know what to do, but decided I would do anything to get him back. That’s why I used this ritual. Complete results appeared in less than 10 weeks. He asked to return. We have been back together for 2 months and our relationship is successful, but there are some disagreements between us. I wonder how long the magic of love works and whether the effects of Egyptian rituals are permanent.

  10. I used a classic love spell. My pre-order situation was that the man broke up with me over too many character differences. He had no one else, he didn’t betray me. After performing the love spell, he spoke to me within 2 weeks. We started writing with each other and seeing each other sometimes. Our relationship grew until we finally got back together. Now that we have been together again for 3 months, we get along well and I believe this relationship has a future.

  11. After 4 years of being together, my man left me and chose my friend. I felt pain, humiliation and sadness inside me. He said he was much happier with her than with me. I thought I was going crazy. I kept blaming myself for what I did wrong. I decided I couldn’t live like this anymore and used the classic love spell available at It was my last hope. My man came back to me, asking me for another chance. I’m happy again!

  12. My situation was also tragic. I fell in love with a guy. At first, I wasn’t convinced of him, and when I realized that I care about him, he stopped talking to me. I couldn’t live without him. I couldn’t understand his behavior. Luckily he came back to me thanks to love binding spell from Samael. He started talking to me again and apologized for his behavior. I gave him a chance, we are a couple and things are great between us.

  13. Life frequently does not go as planned. I also experienced relationship difficulties. My partner left me after 3 years of being together. I could not deal with my life without him. We got back together thanks to the Strongest Love Rite, a spell described at Everything is all right between us and I hope it will stay that way.

  14. I had a similar problem, or even worse, because we were together even longer. At one point he chose his female friend that we had argued about so many times. They have been meeting and talking to each other for a long time. However, I knew that their relationship would not last long. To get him back to me, I used a love binding spell and waited patiently. As it turned out, 2 months later he begged me to take him back. Even though I had ordered the spell, I wondered if it was wise to give him a chance … but in the end I did. We are now in a relationship based on my principles.

  15. In my case, it all started when my partner got a new job. He suddenly started earning much more and became a different person. He stopped treating me as he had used to, I became a burden to him. He finally left me, but I did not want it all to end that way. I used of The strongest love rite of I waited for his return and my patience was rewarded. After 8 weeks he returned to me. He still works in the same place, but there is finally chemistry between us.

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