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Described website: existence for several years. Website features the love spells shop, where we can find 12 love spells offer. I will name a few love spells: Extreme love spell 5 days ritual, extreme love spell 10 days ritual, aphrodite special spell. For each spell there is a price, a description of spell and the terms of service.
Unfortunately, there is no information as to whether, we will receive any proof that the spell was really performed.

Remember: When Spell Caster claims that he finished his magical work, he should send a proof for example altar photo from spell casting
However website seems quite interesting, although the lack of information about sending photos is a big downside. If you want to order anything from there, be sure to ask about it before purchasing spell. Also, a small downside is that we find only a few articles about love magic. These articles are from 2016. If someone used of offer and would like to share your review, please comment.
Only reviews that contain a description of your love situation before ordering spell, name of spell ordered and information about results will be accepted.

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