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How to create a magic mirror?

Saturn will be in retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn from May 11 until September 29. Aquarius acts on Saturn invigoratingly, as a catalyst for change and innovation – especially in the realm of communication. Saturn’s retreat into the sign of Capricorn will remind you of what has yet to be done. Saturn is the ruler of time; its retrograde motion will show you what problems in your personal or professional relationships you have failed to solve.

If you want to find them out, reach for the help of a mirror. It’s one of the oldest tools for predicting the future, but it’s also a great tool for taking a deeper look at yourself, especially troubled relationships. Why does your partner keep complaining, your boss doesn’t want to give you a raise, and your family isn’t happy with the way you’re arranging your life? The magic of the mirror will provide the answers.

How to create a magic mirror?

The best for divination is a special mirror, that is, a polished plate of obsidian or other black mineral. If you do not have such a mirror, buy an ordinary, not too large mirror. The only condition: it must be round.

To make your divination mirror work well, remember these few things:

Its surface should always be pristine.

Use it only to look into yourself, never for other purposes.

Don’t let others look into it.

The mirror is best used at night during a full moon.

For the protection and better effect of the mirror, use two beeswax candles and place them on the sides of the mirror.

Mirror reading ritual

Determine what you want to see in yourself. It’s best to set an intention based on a current problem, such as an argument with your fiancĂ©, a difficult relationship with your sister, a feeling of being undervalued at work. The more specific the intention, the easier you will see the answer. Say to yourself quietly: I’m starting my mirror work.

When you are ready, relax for a moment, breathe calmly, close your eyes.

Imagine a protective circle of white light or a golden ball around you. Now start breathing on all fours: on the inhale count to 4, hold your breath for 4, then exhale for 4. Do a few repetitions, this will help you get more in tune.

Close your eyes. Call on your guardians and guides: power animals, angels, saints. Say aloud an intention that will lead you to the solution of the problem, e.g. may my relationship with my partner be more harmonious, may I feel appreciated at work, may my siblings show understanding.

Open your eyes and look in the mirror, try to be relaxed. This will allow you to open your third eye and start working with the mirror. The vision will appear if you trust the process. The mirror will help you focus your attention and bring up images.

You may see people or situations that guide you to the solution to your problem: an old dispute, a word that hurt someone, an offended ego that prevents you from reaching out for agreement. When the images stop coming, it’s a sign that your journey into the depths of the mirror has just come to an end.

Take a few quiet breaths and quietly say to yourself: I’m done with the mirror.

Write down the images you saw and any associations that come to mind. You may have been freed from a difficult situation during your journey into the depths of the mirror. If you feel it hasn’t, think about what you can do to make it happen: make a gesture, make a phone call, send that person a good thought.

How to take care of the magic mirror?

Remember to regularly charge it with light. Stand in front of the mirror. Connect with Mother Earth – imagine that you are sprouting roots from your feet. Connect to the sky with the golden threads that grow from your shoulders. Point your palms to the mirror, on the inhale imagine that the light that enters through the crown chakra is directed through your palms toward the mirror. A few such luminous breaths will charge your divination mirror with the light it needs to cooperate.

A spell to help you get in touch with your fairy mirror

The mirror you see, the mirror you know,

Reveal the truth before me.

Absorb and reflect my sight.

Show me the past, show me the future and what was hidden

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