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How do Chinese talismans work?


How do Chinese talismans work?

Since the dawn of time, people have been creating talismans to ensure good luck and protect against dangers. Talismans are also present and used in the art of feng shui. They protect against harmful Sha energy and enhance positive Chi energy.

What is important in feng shui talismans is their shape, color and the material they are made of. The art of feng shui is based on the idea that the universe is ruled by five elements: tree, fire, earth, metal and water. To each of them are assigned certain properties of objects that are worth placing inside (or outside) the house. Therefore, a specific talisman must be matched to the nature of the element that dominates the room. Below we present and describe two of the most popular Chinese talismans that are popularly used by feng shui experts.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are very popular. And no wonder. They are an excellent and useful remedy in feng shui. It is worth placing them above the door between the kitchen and the hallway or room. Especially when our stove is located in such a way that we can’t see the front door to the kitchen while preparing meals. The sound of wind chimes will inform us that another person has entered the kitchen. This will save us unnecessary stress. Feng shui also recommends using wind chimes in long halls. In these places, energy gains excessive force, and these bells will brake it down. It is also important to know that the material used for wind chimes must match the element that dominates the room. In the kitchen, a great idea is bamboo, which belongs to the element of wood. It will balance the energies of water and fire present there. Wooden wind chimes are also worth placing in the eastern or southeastern part of the house. Metal wind chimes should be placed in the west, northwest or north part of the house, and ceramic ones in the southwest or northeast.

Three-legged frog

A three-legged frog is a figurine in the shape of… a frog. It is one of the most common and used talismans in feng shui. It is believed to provide wealth and good luck. However, it must meet certain conditions. The figurine must have the actual shape of a frog with three legs, which expresses the combination of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. It should have the seven planets clearly marked on its back. On either side of it should hang strings for tying coins. In its mouth, it should hold a Chinese coin. Finally, she herself must also be situated on the Chinese coins. The three-legged frog is usually made of bronze, although figurines made of cheaper materials are also encountered. This does not pose a problem. The three-legged frog should be placed as close to the ground as possible, but not on the ground. It should be placed in the hallway, opposite the front door to the house, but with its back to it. A good place for the three-legged frog is also the southeastern part of the house (the prosperity zone). In a room with a window, the figurine must face the back of the window and the front of the room. The three-legged frog must not be placed in the kitchen and bedroom. In these rooms it is important to activate health and human relations, not material goods.

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