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Colors of happiness


Colors of happiness

The world is full of colors. Colors are not irrelevant to our mood and well-being. They can be a source of relaxation for us, or, on the contrary, act like a swat on a bull. The right color of a room is therefore an important element of interior design. This position is shared by the ancient Chinese art of interior design. The masters of feng shui, as it is referred to, are of the opinion that the most important thing is harmony and moderation. This principle also applies to the selection of colors for rooms in the house.

The art of feng shui is based on the theory of the five elements. The Chinese believe that the world is ruled by five elements – tree, fire, earth, metal, water. These elements interact with each other and with their surroundings. They can be a source of positive or negative energy. Their presence is also manifested in colors.


Associated with the energy of the element tree are the colors green and brown and their shades. Feng shui recommends these colors for use in rooms that are located in the eastern, southeastern and southern parts of the house. However, green and its shades are especially recommended. Brown colors are dark and heavy. Meanwhile, green colors bring a feeling of rest, relaxation and harmony to the room.


Associated with the energy of the element fire are the colors red, orange, pink and their shades. Feng shui recommends using these colors in the southern, southwestern and northeastern parts of the house. However, it should be remembered that these colors should be avoided in the kitchen. After all, this is a room where fire energy is already present in excess. Colors of the element of fire by feng shui experts are recommended for shy people. They enhance courage. On the other hand, impetuous and nervous people should give them up. These colors are a good idea in the bedroom. They enhance passion and excitement. On the other hand, one should exercise moderation in their use in case of insomnia.


Associated with the element of earth is the color yellow and its shades. According to the principles of feng shui, it is most beneficial to use the indicated colors in rooms that are located in the northeastern and southwestern parts of the house. It is especially recommended to use them in the living room. These colors bring to mind the sun. They bring warmth and optimism to the room.


The color white is associated with the energy of the element metal. It brings hope into the house. It is recommended to be used in the western and northwestern part of the house. The color white is a yang color. For this reason, it must be complemented by another color – yin. In this role, the color black or blue will be excellent. Also associated with the element of metal are the colors gray and silver. They are recommended especially for nervous people. They bring calmness.


Associated with the element of water is the color blue and its shades. These colors are cool and cold. They bring relaxation and tranquility to the room. Feng shui experts also claim that they are an omen of prosperity. However, one should remember to use them in moderation. After all, in excess they are harmful. They lead to failures and financial problems. Feng shui recommends using these colors in rooms that are located in the northern, eastern and southeastern parts of the house. At this point it should be noted that these colors should not be used on ceilings.

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