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How to create a magic mirror?

Saturn will be in retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn from May 11 until September 29. Aquarius acts on Saturn invigoratingly, as a catalyst for change and innovation – especially in the realm of communication. Saturn’s retreat into the sign of Capricorn will remind you of what has yet to be done. Saturn is the ruler of time; its retrograde motion will show you what problems in your personal or professional relationships you have failed to solve.

If you want to find them out, reach for the help of a mirror. It’s one of the oldest tools for predicting the future, but it’s also a great tool for taking a deeper look at yourself, especially troubled relationships. Why does your partner keep complaining, your boss doesn’t want to give you a raise, and your family isn’t happy with the way you’re arranging your life? The magic of the mirror will provide the answers.

How to create a magic mirror?

The best for divination is a special mirror, that is, a polished plate of obsidian or other black mineral. If you do not have such a mirror, buy an ordinary, not too large mirror. The only condition: it must be round.

To make your divination mirror work well, remember these few things:

Its surface should always be pristine.

Use it only to look into yourself, never for other purposes.

Don’t let others look into it.

The mirror is best used at night during a full moon.

For the protection and better effect of the mirror, use two beeswax candles and place them on the sides of the mirror.

Mirror reading ritual

Determine what you want to see in yourself. It’s best to set an intention based on a current problem, such as an argument with your fiancé, a difficult relationship with your sister, a feeling of being undervalued at work. The more specific the intention, the easier you will see the answer. Say to yourself quietly: I’m starting my mirror work.

When you are ready, relax for a moment, breathe calmly, close your eyes.

Imagine a protective circle of white light or a golden ball around you. Now start breathing on all fours: on the inhale count to 4, hold your breath for 4, then exhale for 4. Do a few repetitions, this will help you get more in tune.

Close your eyes. Call on your guardians and guides: power animals, angels, saints. Say aloud an intention that will lead you to the solution of the problem, e.g. may my relationship with my partner be more harmonious, may I feel appreciated at work, may my siblings show understanding.

Open your eyes and look in the mirror, try to be relaxed. This will allow you to open your third eye and start working with the mirror. The vision will appear if you trust the process. The mirror will help you focus your attention and bring up images.

You may see people or situations that guide you to the solution to your problem: an old dispute, a word that hurt someone, an offended ego that prevents you from reaching out for agreement. When the images stop coming, it’s a sign that your journey into the depths of the mirror has just come to an end.

Take a few quiet breaths and quietly say to yourself: I’m done with the mirror.

Write down the images you saw and any associations that come to mind. You may have been freed from a difficult situation during your journey into the depths of the mirror. If you feel it hasn’t, think about what you can do to make it happen: make a gesture, make a phone call, send that person a good thought.

How to take care of the magic mirror?

Remember to regularly charge it with light. Stand in front of the mirror. Connect with Mother Earth – imagine that you are sprouting roots from your feet. Connect to the sky with the golden threads that grow from your shoulders. Point your palms to the mirror, on the inhale imagine that the light that enters through the crown chakra is directed through your palms toward the mirror. A few such luminous breaths will charge your divination mirror with the light it needs to cooperate.

A spell to help you get in touch with your fairy mirror

The mirror you see, the mirror you know,

Reveal the truth before me.

Absorb and reflect my sight.

Show me the past, show me the future and what was hidden

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Symbolism of roses

Mystics claimed to smell roses during encounters with angels, apparitions, prayers and meditations. Many ancient cultures used them in wedding ceremonies, as the rose was present at the birth of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. For many people, red is an expression of passion and no date can do without it.

Symbolism of roses

Muslims believe that roses are a symbol of the human soul, and their fragrance is sacred. In esoteric tradition, a woman is a double rose – the first signifies her heart and the second her sexuality. This is the role of the rose in a famous poem from the 13th century – it is a symbol of innocence, virginity, but in the secret language of lovers, it means physical love, lost blood, or loss of garland.

For Catholics

Roses are a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Like her pristine and beautiful, stolen from paradise by Adam and Eve,and saved from sin by the virgin mother. Roses appear in famous Marian apparitions, in the 15th century Aztec Juan Diego, a visionary, claimed that Our Lady wove his poncho from roses.

On the island of Lesbos

Once it was impossible to talk openly about love, flowers were a lover’s cipher. A rose could mean jealousy, longing, devotion, sensuality, lust, victory – depending on the shape, color or number of petals. The Greek poet Safona from the island of Lesbos, whose most beautiful love poems are addressed to women, called it “the queen of flowers.”

The magic of the rose

Meditation with a rose

Living a hectic life, an excess of responsibilities and worries is not conducive to health, especially mental health. Invoke the image of a rose (in your favorite color) when you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or insomnia. Three minutes is enough. In the morning or evening, in a comfortable sitting position, breathe to calm your thoughts, for one minute. Imagine you are sitting on a bench in a rose garden. You smell their fragrance, and their flowers shield you from the sun and the evils of this world. Breathe in this image for 2 minutes. At the end of the meditation, express gratitude with a simple: thank you.

Flower affirmations

When you feel difficulties, say affirmations in your mind or out loud. Why not make up your own? My life blooms like a rose from Eden, where everything is possible and happiness is at hand. Rose, teach me patience and let me get the best out of life. Beautiful royal flower, let me appreciate the diversity of life, and turn its difficulties into successes.

Invoke the Guardian Angel

If a situation overwhelms you or you feel threatened, connect with your Guardian Angel. For this you will need rose oil, preferably Bulgarian, it is small and expensive, but this investment will pay off for you. Before praying, spray the oil in the air with an atomizer (pour about 60 ml of water into it and put 2-3 drops of rose oil).

The power of rose colors in relationships

WHITE stands for purity and holiness, selflessness, innocence, good intentions and trust. WHITE refers to platonic love.

RED represents passion and devotion and passionate dedication to a cause. In love, it is lust. If you receive a large bouquet of red roses from someone, know that they have the hots for you!

YELLOW means joy, but also jealousy. Be careful, because your partner, offering them to you for your name day, says that he is afraid of losing you. Received from a work colleague or neighbor mean that he does not want to change the nature of your relationship to a romantic one.

PINK is an oasis of gratitude and peace. If you have a quarrel, this is a good gift for reconciliation. Pink relieves all tensions and difficult emotions, leads partners to agreement and supports the relationship.

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Learn the power of Slavic magic

Learn the power of Slavic magic

People who practice magic in Poland usually base their practice on foreign methods, but also beliefs. So they reach for Tarot cards, draw on astrology or Nordic runes. When you glance at the recipes for concoctions for love, health and prosperity, you’ll find mostly ingredients you have to look for in the store, not in your own garden. The incantations contain the names of foreign gods, and the Wheel of the Year consists of the names of holidays, which in no way sound familiar.

And all in all, it’s not surprising, since knowledge of the faith of our Slavic ancestors over the years has not been readily available at all. So it was easier to reach for the magical books of foreign authors than to search on our own for information about our native magic. Fortunately, this has finally changed, thanks to Dobromila Agiles and her “Slavic Witch”. And, you have to admit, it immediately makes your heart warmer when you look into this publication. Because everything is finally as it should be. Instead of the names of foreign gods, we read here about Perun, Mokosha, Swarog. For herbal magic, only those plants that grow in Polish meadows or in our gardens are used. Instead of the classic image of an evil witch, there is Baba Yaga. The nanny known from foreign films is replaced by a mystical whisperer.

Including this item in one’s magical practice or just in gaining knowledge about magic is not only pleasant, but also simply practical. Slavic sorcery relates to our traditions, is less exotic and therefore more sincere. Especially since we have been practicing some elements of Slavic magic since time immemorial – such as fortune-telling on St. Andrew’s Day or melting of Marzanna. The book also includes information on native amulets and talismans – much more familiar than the Celtic Cross or the Hand of Fatima.

Motanki, or Slavic doll magic

Our Slavic ancestors believed in the great power of self-made dolls. “Motanki” were created from twigs and strings, without the use of needle, thread or scissors. This was crucial – a blade could “pierce” the doll, while taking away its power. The process of creating a hoeing doll had to be done in concentration, uninterrupted. The woman hoeing the doll had to think about the task the doll would have to perform. For these were not such ordinary dolls – some of them (such as żadanice) had the power to make dreams come true. On the other hand, grain dolls (filled with groats, peas or rice) ensured the household’s prosperity. The task of the moths was to protect against evil and disease.

Motanki can also be made without much effort today. In fact, they have recently become increasingly popular. You can learn more about the types of hankies, but also when they are best made, in the book Slavic Witch.

Magic in Everyday Life. How to be a Slavic witch?

Dobromila Agiles in her book is not limited to presenting history and magical rituals. In “Slavic Witch” you will find a whole chapter devoted to worldly matters as well. On how to exercise, how to dress or what to adorn your body with.

It turns out that all these aspects can be done in a slightly more Slavic way. What’s the point in this? For example, that a good option for a modern Slavic witch is to wear skirts inspired by folk patterns from the area. In turn, a beautiful magical decoration can be a macramé. To make it, linen or cotton threads are used, which are woven by hand.

A separate issue related to the Slavic lifestyle is physical activity. However, instead of practicing yoga, you can try Gennady Adamovich’s “Slavic asanas.” These are 27 exercises from which you should choose seven main ones (this is done on the basis of your horoscope). These “Slavic asanas” a woman should perform regularly throughout her life to take care of her physical health, but also to get a little closer to our ancestors.

Slavic magic, though ancient, is only today emerging from the darkness of history. It’s about time, because for us Slavs, there is no better kind of magic. After all, no matter how you look at it, we have it in our blood. And each of us is already a bit of a Slavic witch.

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Protective symbols and stones for your home

Protective symbols and stones for your home

Negative thoughts and mischief, energy vampires and electromagnetic smog – unfortunately, the walls of your home will not protect you from these things. Use the energy of the earth (minerals), symbols and your mind to defend against these threats. Here are symbols and protective stones that will help you.

Symbols and protective stones for your home

The energy of earth (minerals), symbols and your mind can protect your apartment, home and even you as effectively as a reinforced door, good locks or an insurance policy – you just need to know how to use them.

Protective crystals

Stones are the foundations of your home. Choose the ones whose energy you need the most and deploy them in the corners of exterior walls (if you’re protecting an apartment) or in the corners of the lot (if you’re protecting a house). You can find a selection of protective stones in Astromagia’s store

Aventurine – when you want to let happiness, peace, optimism and good mood into your home.

Jade – provides energy protection, protects against the evil eye.

Bronzite – neutralizes electromagnetic smog, makes the house an energetic refuge, protects against charms, strongly repels negative energies.

Jade – brings prosperity, deflects spells and enchantments cast on the house and its inhabitants.

Mountain crystal – cleanses and organizes the energy in the premises, neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, removes the impact of negative messages and thoughts, including curses and malice, increases the impact of other minerals in the house.

Obsidian – all its varieties protect against negative energy from the outside, does not allow energy vampires into the house.

Black tourmaline – has a very strong protective effect against all energy attacks sent from outside, against energy vampires, reduces the impact of electromagnetic waves.

Protect yourself with the power of the mind!

● Cross your arms and legs when you feel threatened by energy attacks and bad intentions of others – this will close your aura and no one can harm you.

● Visualize a cocoon of white light around you, which will also illuminate your aura, and you will gain unbreakable protection!

● With your thoughts, weave the door to your home with light, then touch the threshold and the doorframe with your hand, covering them with protective light so that they won’t let in anyone with bad intentions.

● You can also place a figurine of a lion, dragon or dog in the hallway, and they will guard the entrance.

● If you have the opportunity, hang a mirror (or bagua mirror) opposite the front door – someone with bad intentions won’t know themselves why they are unable to enter!

Protective symbols for the house

The Algiz, Fehu and Odala runes are guardians – draw them on the front door, and the Berkanna rune is drawn or cut in birch wood and hung over the door, and will protect the entire house.

The Ankh cross is an Egyptian symbol of life and fertility, but placed in the house it neutralizes bad energies and ensures health. Worn as a pendant, it guards against injuries, accidents and disease.

The Eye of Horus is also an Egyptian protective symbol. Hung in the house, preferably near the front door, it will make a thief forgive a break-in. Worn around your neck, it will protect you from energy attacks, physical and verbal.

The Eye of Providence attracts the care of angels to your home.

The Star of David emanates strong energy protecting the house from disasters: hurricanes, fires, floods, and its householders from envy from others.

Red thread – derives from Kabbalah, where it is often used for protection. Hang it on your wrist and it will protect you from all evil and charms. Attach it to your suitcase when you leave again – it will protect it from being lost or stolen.

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How do Chinese talismans work?


How do Chinese talismans work?

Since the dawn of time, people have been creating talismans to ensure good luck and protect against dangers. Talismans are also present and used in the art of feng shui. They protect against harmful Sha energy and enhance positive Chi energy.

What is important in feng shui talismans is their shape, color and the material they are made of. The art of feng shui is based on the idea that the universe is ruled by five elements: tree, fire, earth, metal and water. To each of them are assigned certain properties of objects that are worth placing inside (or outside) the house. Therefore, a specific talisman must be matched to the nature of the element that dominates the room. Below we present and describe two of the most popular Chinese talismans that are popularly used by feng shui experts.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes are very popular. And no wonder. They are an excellent and useful remedy in feng shui. It is worth placing them above the door between the kitchen and the hallway or room. Especially when our stove is located in such a way that we can’t see the front door to the kitchen while preparing meals. The sound of wind chimes will inform us that another person has entered the kitchen. This will save us unnecessary stress. Feng shui also recommends using wind chimes in long halls. In these places, energy gains excessive force, and these bells will brake it down. It is also important to know that the material used for wind chimes must match the element that dominates the room. In the kitchen, a great idea is bamboo, which belongs to the element of wood. It will balance the energies of water and fire present there. Wooden wind chimes are also worth placing in the eastern or southeastern part of the house. Metal wind chimes should be placed in the west, northwest or north part of the house, and ceramic ones in the southwest or northeast.

Three-legged frog

A three-legged frog is a figurine in the shape of… a frog. It is one of the most common and used talismans in feng shui. It is believed to provide wealth and good luck. However, it must meet certain conditions. The figurine must have the actual shape of a frog with three legs, which expresses the combination of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. It should have the seven planets clearly marked on its back. On either side of it should hang strings for tying coins. In its mouth, it should hold a Chinese coin. Finally, she herself must also be situated on the Chinese coins. The three-legged frog is usually made of bronze, although figurines made of cheaper materials are also encountered. This does not pose a problem. The three-legged frog should be placed as close to the ground as possible, but not on the ground. It should be placed in the hallway, opposite the front door to the house, but with its back to it. A good place for the three-legged frog is also the southeastern part of the house (the prosperity zone). In a room with a window, the figurine must face the back of the window and the front of the room. The three-legged frog must not be placed in the kitchen and bedroom. In these rooms it is important to activate health and human relations, not material goods.

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The game of the five elements


The game of the five elements

The theory of the Chinese five elements is the foundation of feng shui. It is based on Taoist philosophy. Taoists claim that two elements, feminine and masculine, yin and yang, are simultaneously present in the universe. And although they are opposites, they are also necessary for each other. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, everything that exists is composed of a mixture of the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The various elements are in constant relationship with each other. They interact with each other and create favorable or unfavorable forces. The desired state is a balance between them. If one of them is missing or one of them dominates, it is disrupted. Feng shui seeks to maintain harmony between them. And to produce beneficial Chi energy.

The constant interdependence between the elements is described by the Chinese as three types of interaction – the productive cycle, the debilitating cycle and the destructive cycle. In the productive cycle, water forms a tree. It is life-giving. It enables it to grow. The tree creates fire. It is the fuel for it. Earth creates minerals from metal and brings them to its surface. Metal creates water. It provides it with precious substances. In turn, in a weakening cycle, the tree absorbs water. The water corrodes the metal. Metal weakens the earth. After all, it is formed from it. Earth weakens fire. Under its influence, the flame goes out. Fire consumes the tree. Finally, in a destructive cycle, water destroys fire. It tames it. The tree destroys the earth. It exhausts its energy. Fire destroys metal. It melts it. Earth destroys water. It absorbs it. Metal destroys the tree. It cuts it down.

The five elements in feng shui

The different times of day and night are associated with certain elements. The rising sun fills the east side of the house with the Chi energy of the tree. The midday sun illuminates the south side of the house with the Chi energy of fire. In the afternoon, the Chi energy of the earth reaches the central and southwestern parts of the house. In the evening, the western part of the house receives the Chi energy of metal. Meanwhile, at night, the Chi energy of water enters the northern part of the house. The elements radiate their Chi energy inside the house as well. Tree is present in wooden and wicker furniture and plants. Fire is present in the kitchen, in the fireplace, and in the lighting. Earth is present in objects made of porcelain or plaster. Metal – in objects made of stainless steel. Water, on the other hand, is present in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in glass objects.

Characteristics of the five elements in feng shui:


direction – east, southeast

colors – shades of green

shapes – rectangular, oblong, vertical, straight

materials – wood, bamboo, cork, straw, wicker, paper

furniture – wooden, wicker

meaning – life, activity, vitality, creation


direction – south

colors – shades of red

shapes – triangular, pointed, angular

materials – plastic, artificial leather

furniture – made of artificial materials, triangular shape

meaning – enthusiasm, passion, expressiveness


direction – center, southwest, northeast

colors – shades of yellow, brown, green

shapes – horizontal, wide, square, low

materials – brick, clay, plaster, terra cotta, ceramics, porcelain, natural fibers (wool, cotton, silk)

furniture – cabinets, chests, low benches

meaning – safety, stability, security


direction – west, northwest

colors – white, gray, silver, gold

shapes – round, oval, convex, arched

materials – iron, copper, brass, silver, gold, bronze, granite, marble

furniture – metal tables, bookcases and cabinets

meaning – prosperity, solidity


direction – north

colors – blue, black

shapes – streamlined, wavy, curved, irregular

materials – glass

furniture – glass tables, display cases

meaning – peace, communication

Knowing the characteristics of the different elements and the interdependence between them, we can easily identify the influences that affect our home. By bringing into a certain room an object that belongs to a particular element, we have the opportunity to strengthen a particular energy in it or weaken it. But always remember that the essence of feng shui is to strive for harmony between the different elements.

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Colors of happiness


Colors of happiness

The world is full of colors. Colors are not irrelevant to our mood and well-being. They can be a source of relaxation for us, or, on the contrary, act like a swat on a bull. The right color of a room is therefore an important element of interior design. This position is shared by the ancient Chinese art of interior design. The masters of feng shui, as it is referred to, are of the opinion that the most important thing is harmony and moderation. This principle also applies to the selection of colors for rooms in the house.

The art of feng shui is based on the theory of the five elements. The Chinese believe that the world is ruled by five elements – tree, fire, earth, metal, water. These elements interact with each other and with their surroundings. They can be a source of positive or negative energy. Their presence is also manifested in colors.


Associated with the energy of the element tree are the colors green and brown and their shades. Feng shui recommends these colors for use in rooms that are located in the eastern, southeastern and southern parts of the house. However, green and its shades are especially recommended. Brown colors are dark and heavy. Meanwhile, green colors bring a feeling of rest, relaxation and harmony to the room.


Associated with the energy of the element fire are the colors red, orange, pink and their shades. Feng shui recommends using these colors in the southern, southwestern and northeastern parts of the house. However, it should be remembered that these colors should be avoided in the kitchen. After all, this is a room where fire energy is already present in excess. Colors of the element of fire by feng shui experts are recommended for shy people. They enhance courage. On the other hand, impetuous and nervous people should give them up. These colors are a good idea in the bedroom. They enhance passion and excitement. On the other hand, one should exercise moderation in their use in case of insomnia.


Associated with the element of earth is the color yellow and its shades. According to the principles of feng shui, it is most beneficial to use the indicated colors in rooms that are located in the northeastern and southwestern parts of the house. It is especially recommended to use them in the living room. These colors bring to mind the sun. They bring warmth and optimism to the room.


The color white is associated with the energy of the element metal. It brings hope into the house. It is recommended to be used in the western and northwestern part of the house. The color white is a yang color. For this reason, it must be complemented by another color – yin. In this role, the color black or blue will be excellent. Also associated with the element of metal are the colors gray and silver. They are recommended especially for nervous people. They bring calmness.


Associated with the element of water is the color blue and its shades. These colors are cool and cold. They bring relaxation and tranquility to the room. Feng shui experts also claim that they are an omen of prosperity. However, one should remember to use them in moderation. After all, in excess they are harmful. They lead to failures and financial problems. Feng shui recommends using these colors in rooms that are located in the northern, eastern and southeastern parts of the house. At this point it should be noted that these colors should not be used on ceilings.

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Mirror will tell you the truth

Mirror will tell you the truth

A mirror is a functional addition to an interior and an excellent decoration. In homes you will usually find two mirrors – one in the bathroom and the other in the hallway. Meanwhile, it is worth going beyond the patterns. The question of why a mirror in the living room or kitchen is an excellent idea is answered by the ancient Chinese art of interior design, called feng shui. Its masters claim that a mirror is to the home what aspirin is to people.

Mirrors serve a variety of functions in the home. They bring in light. They optically enlarge small and cramped rooms. They harmonize the space. With their help it is easy to level out unfavorable shapes of rooms. It is enough to hang a mirror on a slanted wall, and any defects in the perception of space caused by it will be masked. But moderation should be exercised in the use of mirrors. One should also keep in mind two feng shui rules. Namely, mirrors must not hang opposite each other (an illusory depth is created) and must not be opposite the front door of the house or room (reflects good energy). Mirrors reflect what is in front of them. Feng shui teaches that multiplying images multiplies their number. That’s why the masters of this ancient Chinese art of interior design recommend avoiding hanging mirrors in front of sharp surfaces (stairs, corners, pillars), the toilet door or the kitchen stove. These items should not be “multiplied” in the house. Instead, it is worth ensuring that the mirror reflects a view that gives pleasure and optimism (for example, lit candles, flowers in a vase, or the view out the window, as long as it takes your breath away). In order for mirrors to perform their function properly, they must be clean, well-maintained, without cracks or nicks. Damaged ones must be removed from the house immediately.

On which wall is it worth hanging a mirror at home?

According to the Compass Animal method used in feng shui, every space has a front, a back, a right and a left side (as viewed from home, regardless of geographic directions). And each side is in the power of a different animal. And so:

FRONT – Red Phoenix

REAR – Black Tortoise

RIGHT SIDE – White Tiger

LEFT SIDE – Green Dragon

Hanging the mirror on the back wall introduces instability into the house. On the other hand, hanging it on the right wall increases nervousness. On the other hand, it is believed that the best walls for hanging mirrors are the front wall and the left wall. Mirrors placed on them bring luck, prosperity, protection, joy and wisdom into the house.

Mirrors in the rooms of the house

– is the right place to hang a mirror. However, it is important to remember not to hang it opposite the front door of the house. The mirror reflects the energies that want to enter the house. In the case of negative energies, this is excellent news. On the other hand, it is important to remember that positioned in this way it also reflects positive energies.

SALON – is a favorable place to place a mirror. The mirror enhances the feeling of space and freshness.

BEDROOM – is a good choice for hanging a mirror, provided that certain conditions are met. The mirror must not be hung opposite the bed or right next to it. Feng shui teaches that such placement of the mirror in the bedroom “multiplies” the number of people in the bed. In the case of married couples, it encourages infidelity. On the other hand, in delicate and sensitive people, it leads to insomnia, irritability, high blood pressure or headaches.

KITCHEN – is the right place for a mirror, especially when the stove is located in such a way that the person who prepares the meal does not see the entrance door to the room. Then it is worth hanging a mirror above the stove.

Dining room – is an excellent idea for the location of a mirror. The mirror should be hung above the table. Then it reflects the food and enhances the richness.

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